1897 Velodrome Racers Poster

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1897 Velodrome Racers Poster

Introducing the "1897 Vélodrome Racers" Poster, a captivating piece of cycling history that captures the thrill and elegance of a bygone era. This vintage-inspired poster showcases a dynamic scene from the late 19th century, featuring daring velodrome racers competing in high-speed action.

Printed on premium quality, archival paper, the poster exudes a timeless charm, making it an ideal addition to any cycling enthusiast's collection or vintage art lover's decor. The rich colors and intricate details transport you back in time to witness the excitement of early cycling competitions, where skill, bravery, and sheer determination paved the way to victory.

The "1897 Vélodrome Racers" Poster serves as both a decorative statement and a testament to the history of cycling, offering a window into the past when velodrome racing was at its peak. Whether displayed in a living room, study, or cycling-themed space, this poster is sure to spark conversations and ignite a sense of nostalgia for the golden age of cycling.

Celebrate the heritage of cycling and honor the athletes of yesteryears with this captivating "1897 Vélodrome Racers" Poster, a tribute to the timeless allure and legacy of the sport.

Our Prints will not fade and are made in the USA.

Fine art giclee print on heavy acid free archival paper using 100+ year fade resistant inks.

POSTER SIZING: The three smaller size posters are printed to the exact size and will fit readily available standard sized frames. The larger sizes have the first dimension exact (31 in. x 42 in.) (38 in.  x 52 in.), (43 in. x 60 in).  The second dimension (Vertical) may be longer or shorter depending on the proportion of the original poster.

European countries may add taxes depending on the local code.

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