Sportivo Touring Terra - Brown/Tan Leather Shoe

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Sportivo Touring Terra - Brown/Tan Leather Shoe

Sportivo Touring - Handmade perfection in full grain leather for long days in the saddle on the road or gravel

Natural Leather is a truly wonderful material. Luxurious, resilient, highly breathable, ductile and thermally insulating. No other material is able to shape to your foot quite like leather, providing the ultimate in comfort.

The reinforced sole has an open tread to provide grip on loose surfaces. It offers enough stiffness for efficient power transfer, but remains flexible enough to be comfortable whilst walking. The shoes accept standard SPD cleats.

Full length panels add strength and comfort and we double stitch all stressed areas for durability. The tongues and collars are fully padded and the shoes are fully lined in super soft supple leather for added luxury.

Waxed cotton laces prevent slip and allow lace tension to remain where you set it.

Please refer to our Sizing Guide before ordering.

Sizing Guide:

Finding the correct size is a quick and simple process. A few minutes invested in accurately measuring your feet now will ensure the perfect fit.

Please do not rely on sizing or measurements taken from other brands.

First measure EACH FOOT whilst wearing your normal cycling socks:

Referring to the image above, take a piece of A4 paper and place it on the floor, against a wall. Stand on the paper pushing your heel lightly against the wall. Place a book on the floor in front of your foot and keeping it square to the wall, gently push it towards your foot until it lightly contacts your longest toe. Now draw a line on the paper along the edge of the book.  Measure the distance from the edge of the paper to your drawn line in millimetres to find your foot length. Please measure BOTH feet.  Don’t be surprised if there’s half a size difference! Using this method is far more reliable than trying to accurately draw around your toes.

Using the measurement of your LONGEST  foot,  look-up your correct size on the chart below. We have already allowed for a comfortable clearance.

Our shoes are STANDARD WIDTH. Unfortunately they are not designed for wide or high volume feet.


EU Size Lenght of Longuest Foot in mm Lenght of Longuest Foot in inches US Size
40 232mm - 240mm   9.13" -   9.44" 8
41 241mm - 250mm   9.48" -   9.84" 7
42 251mm - 258mm   9.88" - 10.15" 9
43 259mm - 265mm 10.19" - 10.43" 10
44 266mm - 273mm 10.47" - 10.74" 11
45 274mm - 279mm 10.78" - 10.98" 12
46 280mm - 287mm 11.02" - 11.30" 13
47 288mm - 294mm 11.33" - 11.57" 14


Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.

European countries may add taxes depending on the local code.

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