Careless, Heartless drivers and sad witness. September 7, 2015 12:59

As a cyclist you see a lot of road kill. You see first hand what drivers can't see, miss, or ignore! Well, I see all sorts of road kill and it is heart breaking. This morning in particular, a young Bobcat was hit and left in the bike lane. He was able to get up and went under a tree not really moving much and panting. Someone with a heart (thank you kind woman) had called the shelter, and they were going to be at the scene in 20 minutes. So all you could do is watch and make sure the poor animal did not get back on the street. I hope that he recovers and gets released? What kind of person flees a hit and run? Animals or humans? Seriously?

To all the Cats, Dogs, Javelinas, Rabbits,Coyotes, Bobcats, Birds of preys, Birds, Gila Monster, Snakes, and all the poor critters, I am sorry you died on our road! I always touch my heart when I see you.