Count your blessings! September 26, 2015 11:29

It is so easy to fall in the vicious circle of "things could/should be so much better" Materials, job, business, relations, keeping up, etc... and health we take for granted far too often! As I was getting ready to leave for my Saturday bike ride this morning I was in this destructive circle of negative thoughts. But then my brain got more oxygen, endorphin started flowing, and then I saw this: 

My buddies at The Bicycle Ranch Shop ready to have fun and Hammer up the hills.

It turned out great! Perfect weather, beautiful scenery in Tucson , Arizona for a guy in his late 40 kicking butts, recovering from broken collard bone, arm fractured, not taking any prescription drugs, felling very much alive, and lucky :)

Count your blessings and don't miss your group rides as they are as much fun as the are therapeutic.